Countertop dishwasher


I live in a tiny, ancient 3 bedroom house that has a kitchen so small, the stove had to be moved to make room for a fridge, when fridges were invented. It has a tiny cabinet that was converted from an ironing board cabinet to a spice rack. Dishwashers were not a thing. There is no room for a dishwasher. I’ve not had a dishwasher since I moved out of my very first apartment over 20 years ago. I cannot wash dishes effectively by hand anymore because of severe tendinitis from work. My husband did for a while, but we are not home enough for him to hand wash and keep up with all of the other things that we have to take care of. So we finally broke down and bought ourselves this countertop dishwasher.


countertop dishwasher


If you live in a tiny, dishwasherless space, I highly recommend it. It uses only 3.8 gallons of water per wash, which is going to take a huge bite out of our water bill, and it kicks every ass. We got a small, sturdy rolling cart for it, and when its not in use it sits in a corner. Its ahhhmazing! I wish we’d done it years ago. Go get one. Its a couple hundred dollars, but well worth every cent.

We did have to return two others for shipping damage, but I don’t believe that it’s Amazon’s or SPT’s fault, the packing was excellent. Its very tough to control what happens between the moment the product leaves your hands, and lands in the customers’.