Dog loves this!!


I give probiotics to my dog on a daily basis to help with his stomach. The probiotics keep his immune system high and helps prevent him for getting sick. Other dogs at his daycare were getting sick and parents were advised to give their dog probiotics however my dogs already takes probiotics therefore he dodge the illness! This product remains on reorder before I run out of packets. I believe he likes the taste it’s as if it’s seasoning to his dog food. Sometimes he won’t eat his food but when I sprinkle some fortiflora on the food he eats it all.


This is not a quick fix, but it does work if you give it time. Like any systemic treatment, it needs time to nudge your dog’s digestive system. For the first 8 days, I honestly wasn’t sure if it was doing anything, but by the end of the 2nd week, I could definitely see a difference. Prior to using the FortiFlora, my puppy had chronic diarrhea, and at least 2 very soft stools every day. Now she has virtually no soft stools and there’s been no re-occurrence of the diarrhea.


We rescued a German wire-haired pointer back n July and discovered quickly why he had been rejected by so many families…..he has the WORST gas of any dog you have ever met!! Have you read Walter the Farting Dog?? Well, Griffy surpasses Walter’s skills at producing the worst gasser exponentially. Now….couple that with the fact that unbeknownst to us, the GWP has a propensity for coprophagia. Our vet had informed us that the GWP breed is prone to this habit, and it is