Countless paper plates wasted

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this little dishwasher. It has been running daily in our household for three years now and it’s still going strong. It does a fantastic job and holds much more than you would think it could. It’s been a workhorse in my home of two adults and multiple felines. It typically runs 1-2 times a day and sometimes more on the weekends. I don’t have any great tidbits to add that haven’t been said by a thousand people before me, but I just wanted to speak to the longevity of this dishwasher. I went through two other small portables before purchasing this SPT, and they had very short lifespans. We are selling our ancient house and passing this dishwasher along to another family member. I expect it will give her many years of faithful service, too!

Excellent customer service

When reading other reviews, I was hesitant on this product. Other people had mentioned that support was horrible or non-existent. I can say beyond a doubt that was not the case when I called. The product arrived and the box looked in great condition. When it was installed (we did a permanent install) the spray arm didn’t quite rotate under the basket. I called support and within 3 minutes the problem was solved.

I had noticed some reviews commenting on no parts were available. That is not the case either. On their website there were a lot of replacement parts available.

Finally, if I had to find a single complaint it would be difficulty in finding fittings to fit the drain outlet on the dishwasher for permanent installs. After a little creativity everything worked as good as I could expect. I recommend this product.


I have a bad experience with this product, I found this product in a sale and I bought it, also because of the good review in amazon. However, the dish is not clear no matter how long I wash it, I did lots of reading on amazon review and could not find any solution. Then my wife suggested me to check the washer, I checked it carefully and found the spray arm is damaged, I attached the image here for the reference. I hope this is a unique thing but when I receive the second, the spray arm is the first thing I check, guess what, the spray arm is a bad one as well. I start to think this is not an unique problem of this product. Finally, I still replaced one with the second bad washer, if the third one is still bad, I will conclude this is a common problem for this product and write a more careful review on this product